FN AR15s (FN15) have been announced.



The rumors were true, FN is going to sell AR15s to the public.

Shawn often points out how ironic it is that several of the companies making rifles competing with the AR15 also make AR15s.  FN AR15 is a competitor to its own SCAR and FS2000 rifles.  Sig’s ARs are competition for their 55X series of rifles, Steyr is making an AR, Etc.  Clearly these companies know where the money is.

I will most likely buy a FN15 rifle because I carried a FN M16A4 in Iraq.  In Iraq I often thought how if FN has sold the rifle I carried to the public how bad the reviews of the fit and finish would be.  The lower was anodized purple (ditto for the Knights Rail).  The markings on the side looked like they were made with an electro-pencil.  Then forging flash so sharp I could cut myself on it.  I do imagine that the new commercial rifles will be a little nicer looking otherwise consumers may choose to buy elsewhere.

At this point I don’t know what the price will be.  If they are not cheap, I don’t think people will be flocking to pick up a FN15.  Even so, it is nice to see another AR15 on the market.


  1. It is worth noting that since FN has the contract for the M16 and M4/M4A1 none of the parts on these will come from the FN plant.

    All parts will be sourced through other companies and then assembled by FN, and I can point out multiple flaws in those rifles such as no staking on the RE for the carbine, wrong handguards on the 20″, sling swivel rivets installed improperly, and the threads on the carbines RE appear to be cut into it signifying a commercial extension of lesser quality.

  2. Bingo! I might be in for $750 or under. But I’d pass for any more than that since similarly spec’d items can be had from PSA and other makers for around that price.

  3. Soooooooooooo late to the party it’s laughable. Like…Colt…in the old days…tisk tisk. …… (standby for: FN contract “blah blah” “milspec” “blah”….ehh….too much typing…………..every gunblog ever…..


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