My Top Products of 2013


Daniel Defense Omega X 12.0 FSP and Omega 7:

I have been wanting to try an extended rail system for several years. I finally had the opportunity to get the one I have been looking for in the Omega X 12.0 FSP. The extended rail, extreme thinness and ability to keep my trusted Colt gas system intact was a huge winner. Keeping my light of choice and moving it to the 12 o’clock position on the rail, improved weapon handling and avoids flash back from walls as the light is in line with the boar.  I am now able to get my hand out under the FSB, which is more natural for me. The rail also free floats the barrel and has a QD point at the rear of the rail, where I prefer my sling to be mounted.

Daniel Defense Omega X 12.0 FSP rail

I purchased the DD Omega 7″ rail system about six months ago to make sure I wanted the Omega X 12.0 FSP rail.  This rail has the same overall futures as the Omega X but in a 7″ drop in system. I recently moved it from a Colt 6920 to a light weight Colt 6720.  This rail weighs as much as the stock heat shield handguards. This set up truly lives up to the Daniel Defense motto of “Lighter, Stronger, Better”.

Daniel Defense Omega 7″ rail

Aimpoint Micro:

I finally jumped onto a micro when a great deal presented itself. I am a hard core Aimpoint fan and user of the optics, for over a decade. I mainly have used the Comp M2, ML2 and PRO models and was apprehensive at forking over the cash for a micro. Well I’m glad I did, the light weight, small and fast optic is a huge improvement over its proven 30mm models.  Simply put, you get the same Aimpoint reliability in a smaller lightweight package. I feel it is a little easier to pick up when presenting the rifle and you get a better field of view as you do not have a larger optic blocking that view.

Honorable mention to the Tango Down I0 Cover: you simple cannot have an Aimpoint micro and not get an I0 cover.  The I0 cover with its lens cap covers that can be locked back is one of the greatest optic accessories made.

Aimpoint Micro

Dark Star Gear Holsters:

In 2013 I took a custom made Dark Star Gear (DSG) holster to a two (2) day Combat Focus Shooting course.  Several things in this class challenged me, even with my experience as a law enforcement officer and firearms instructor.  The thing that help me excel in this mentally and physically demanding course was the DSG holster. Comfort, easy of movement and consistent reliability in the draw, is what the DSG holsters are all about. Shawn turned me on the DSG holsters and I’m sure glad he did. The only thing that holds me back from purchasing numerous DSG holster is cash flow, not that they are expensive but I want more of them than I can afford. I simple have not found another kydex holster that is better.  I have tried numerous kydex holster and DSG is better than all of them.  The big thing that stands out with the DSG holsters are the soft belt loops.  They make the holster more comfortable for all day or hard duty/range use. DSG was kind enough to ship me several of the soft loops for other holsters I have and these improved holsters I was previously unhappy with.

Dark Star Gear Holster

Gear Sector GS-2P:

When buying a new rifle there are a few things that are a must for me; a GG&G MAD BUIS, an Aimpoint optic and a quality sling.  The first thing I buy is a sling and once again my first sling of choice is a Gear Sector GS-2P. A quality sling is needed on a fighting rifle but I usually can’t buy an expensive sling right off the bat. The GS-2P has the right amount of features at a very low price point. It is a two point adjustable sling, (similar in operation to the Vickers Slings), and can do just about everything you need it to. I actually have one for every rifle I have. When I buy a rifle it is the first thing I think about getting for it. I have used the GS-2P slings from Patrol use, Entry use and Home Defense use.  Gear Sector also has a large amount of adapters and accessories to support this sling. You can mount it anyway you want and the GS-2P can handle it all.

Gear Sector GS-2P Slings
Gear Sector GS-2P Slings

Tango Down Battle Grip:

This year I got back to flirting with different grips on my AR’s as did most of us. I had been running the Tango Down (TD) battle grip for the last 7 years. I thought I had found another grip that I liked more but as I moved back and forth with my TD grip, it just confirmed there is nothing else out there as good as the TD grip. It has the best angle and features I like on a grip.  It is still unbeatable in my opinion.

Tango Down Battle Grip
Tango Down Battle Grip

Combat Focus Shooting / Rob Pincus:

Although not an actual firearm accessory, the CFS Course, information I have obtained over the year from Rob Pincus, his books and home training courses have been amazing.  With my LE experience and LE firearms instructing experience, my personal training had become stagnant and at times mundane. I always enjoyed being challenged and challenging myself.  Since moving to a federal desk jockey position, I had lost my edge and was looking for something to motivate and challenge me, in the personal defense field.  The Combat Focus Shooting courses as well as Rob’s personal defense books and home training products, have made me a better shooter. They have also reignited the fire inside me to continually educate and improve my skills.



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