Observations from the range


I have started to see some of the S&W M&P 10 .308 AR rifles.  In it’s stock form it seems ok and functions fine.  However in almost every case I have see where people have tried to trick out their rifles they have ended up with serious function issues.  If you are planning to buy a S&W .308 AR, you have to keep in mind that the .308 does not have complete parts interchangeability with the 5.56/.223 rifles.  Slapping on an AR15 receiver extension and using an AR15 buffer and buffer spring will NOT work.

I saw a person attempting to use a cheap optic mounted on the carry handle of an Olympic 9mm carbine.  Not to mention the problems of working with cheap optics mounted so high over the bore, the carry handle scope mount was a polymer unit made by Tapco.  This scope rail could flex under finger pressure.  It is complete junk, I stick to my statements of that the Tapco G2 AK trigger is the only thing they make that is good.

DPMS AR15s and steel cased ammunition is a poor combination.  While many claim it is the lacquer on Wolf cases that is the problem, it is not.  Just as many polymer or zinc coated steel cases get cemented stuck in DPMS AR15 chambers due to the carbon build up.

I got to fire a couple of rounds out of the “pistol” PPS43-C.

I.O.Inc PPS43-C


This “pistol” chambered in 7.62×25 had more recoil then I expected(I think its do to reciprocating mass, my TT33 doesn’t recoil like that).  Other than that, I liked the sights, the trigger was great for a cheap pistol caliber carbine.  The owner intends to SBR it and I think that would be a very fun little carbine.  He also said that it can very easily be changed to 9mm.  This one was purchased for $300.  If I see one locally for that price I think I will buy it.


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