Story of a gun.


Sent to me via email by Mark Hatfield.

Bought a used muzzle loader today.  Front sight is bent, don’t know if by accident or deliberate, it is dovetailed.  Perhaps needed to drift in the dovetail but it was too tight.  Hammer is offset, unusual but not rare.  Appears to have been done by owner.
Didn’t look at the ramrod, got home and realized it is missing a couple inches but still useable.  The front sight will need to be straightened.  While dry sighting I noticed that the entire front sight blade is visible through the rear notch.  This means that the eye naturally centers the entire post not just the offset tip.  Then I realized that the barrel was not straight up and down.
I had noticed some work marks near the breachplug.  I believe this is what happened:
User loaded a bullet with no powder.
Used a bullet puller but the puller was not adequately attached to the rod so the end of the rod came off and stayed in the barrel.
Had to remove (with some difficulty) the breachplug to remove the bullet and rod tip
When replacing the breachplug, they could not screw it quite all the way in, so…
The sights are not quite straight up and down but slightly to the right, so…
The rear sight was adjusted to the right and to front sight bent to the left to attempt to compensate.


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