The Tactical Link Gen2 PRM Review



A few weeks ago, Tactical Link  graciously sent me one of their PRM  sling mount.   This is the 2nd gen of the  rail mounted  sling mounting point for QD sling swivels.  I opted for the coyote PRM since my gun is a FDE anodized Colt 6940.  I was very excited to get this mount and try it out because I have had a few ideas about sling mounting I wanted to try out and this was a way to test my interest in the PRM as well as try out my idea.



The PRM gen2 is the same quality as the other sling mount I have reviewed. Once again, after mounting the PRM I put the sling in the socket, stood on the gun and pulled up on the sling with everything I had trying to get it to pop free. Instead of hurting my back this time, I only managed to hurt my left shoulder so bad I wanted to kick myself for hurting myself twice.


The PRM mounts to any rail easily and fast. It comes with the tool you will need and instructions that even your brother and law would find simple. No surprise really, if you have gone this far with your rifle, you do not really need much help anyway at this point.  I chose to mount it on the rear of the right side of the rail for a reason i will get to in a bit.


As you can see in the picture, it matches up well in color for those of you who over worry about such things or are going to the gun prom.


On the left side of my rail is a KAC ( knights armament )  QD sling  mount.  The KAC mount is a  pretty low profile in my opinion, and I think this give a good idea of about how much room the PRM takes on the rail and how much it protrudes. It is a bit more trim but the best part is it does not have the sharper right angles the KAC has. This does make it a bit less prone to snag. Neither really have a problem with snagging or hooking on gear, but it is possible.  The Tactical Link mount does cover a little but more space then the KAC however though it does not really matter.


Another angle above compares the PRM to the KAC part.  One thing I want to note is that neither of the mounts have a rotation limiter. That matters to some people. but not to me. Yeah it could be a pain I guess, but if I am getting shot at, I doubt I would care if my sling gets twisted a little bit,


To use with the PRM, I also have the rear Z 360 mount.  The 360 is something I dearly love and it a major part of idea I wanted to try out.

Now with the PRM I have 7 mounting points for my sling.  I have the two front rail mounting holes that colt machines into the rail, the  KAC and the PRM at rear rail, the Z360 and the two QD sockets in the CTR.   It seems like a lot and more then I would need but there is a reason for this.

I am right handed with a left eye dominance. Some will tell you I should shoot with my left hand but years have told me that is just not something you have to do in my opinion. I have never found myself slowed down or handicapped from shooting with my natural right hand and non-dominant right eye.   But.  When I use  my PVS14, I wear it over my left eye because of the dominance.  When using NV, if I mounted it over my right eye. I would not be able to see through it.    I found when I wear the PVS14 over my left eye., I found I can set my T1 on its NV setting, and since its mounted forward, I can simply shoulder the rifle, look through the PVS, see my red dot and fire just like it was day time.   To get to the point, you could say in day I should righty, at night and I am a lefty. Since my carbine is fully ambi, I use it as naturally as I would in the day time. Now with the PRM on the right side, I can configure my sling the way I like on the left or right side. Yeah, I know its a bit much, but keep in mind, it is just something I am trying out. Time will tell if its really practical or a waste of time and over thinking.

The amount of mounting points do have some other advantages for me other then the day/night configurations I am playing around with.


Being able to use the CTR  sling points and the Z360 let me use a Vickers  VCAS as the 2-point it is meant to be, or a single point. I love having the option since I loathe true single point slings.  In a later post I may get into detail on this a bit more, but I have found with the QD sling swivels and sockets, this is an easy and fast thing to accomplish.


To wrap up my thoughts on the PRM gen 2 sling mount, I think it is a solid piece of gear, Everyone who has seen it has liked it and a few have ordered one.  Its as tough as all the other stuff from Tactical Link so thats not an issue. It does what it was meant to do, and without fail.  If you want it in different colors, you got it.  If you are looking for a mount for your rail, I think you should give this one serious thought.



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