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Dick Metcalf and his pro gun regulation idiocy

The new issue of Guns & ammo   has  gun writer Dick Metcalf telling us all how we should accept more gun regulation

You can read it here

Guns & Ammo Supports Gun Control


along with  opinion from the guys over at TTAG



and if you want Dicky to know what you think about his  ideas on regulation and how we should agree to it, his personal Email address is below.



1 thought on “Dick Metcalf and his pro gun regulation idiocy”

  1. Metcalf used to teach the US Constitution at Yale, is he a useful idiot? Possibly pressured by his boss or a threat from the IRS?NSA?
    Seeing as he and his editor are Still employed by his boss, a major Obama supporter one must ask the uncomfortable question, ‘has he betrayed his nation?’


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