Rob Pincus, StarBucks , Open Carry, Politicizing and The Backlash of “Starbucks Appreciation Day”


After the response of Starbucks over the  activist politicizing nature of some of our fellow gun owners on the  so called Star Bucks appreciation Day,  Looseorunds asked Mr Pincus to share a few comments on the topic with us and our readers.  I asked Ron t speak about it on  looserounds because I feel exactly the same on the subject but can rarely speak as eloquently as Rob can on the subject.  below is his comments he took time out of his busy day to share with me

Rob Pincus

By now, everyone knows that I “don’t like open carry”… but, I’m not sure that everyone knows why. This Starbucks issue is EXACTLY why. If people were really just minding their own business going about their lives and “happen” to be OC’ing for all the reasons they claim that are not political in nature and not designed purely to draw attention to themselves, then this wouldn’t have happened. It is the Open Carry Activism and the Open Carry Attention Seekers (often with their video cameras and law enforcement baiting) that hurt our cause. I am all for Legal Open Carry as an option. Mostly,it protects us when our shirt blows open or we are carrying a gun in from the truck. Guns should be carried for defense. The minute you start carrying for political purposes, you strengthen the other side’s arguments that guns are not necessary and people carry them for reasons of ego instead of protection. Frankly, it is important to remember that the primary reason we should be fighting to own guns is defense…. we saw what happened in the 80′ and 90’s when we tried to make the argument about “sport”… now, we are seeing the backlash when people make it about politics.


  1. Here’s the bottom-line as I see it. Harold Schultz is one of Obama’s biggest fans and financial supporters. I don’t care where Starbucks stands on anything. I’m boycotting their stores and products because I don’t want a dime of my money going into Mr. Schultz’s profits/pockets and then being passed along to a regime that wants to destroy any of my God-given rights.


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