Security on military bases.


In one place I was stationed there was a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) for the event of problems.  Most of the QRF lived off base, some over a half hour drive away.  If the QRF were called up, once they were assembled, they could go to the Armory and draw weapons.  Should then the situation require it, they could walk to the motor pool, check out a vehicle, and drive the 20 or so minutes to the ammo supply point.  I hope you are starting to get the idea about the response time and capability.

After a change of command, someone asked the new commanding officer why we had such a silly setup.  After he inspected the situation, the QRF was dissolved.  Nothing better replaced it.(But it did free up Marines from a bullshit job, overall an improvement.  Don’t send troops who are not authorized to use force.)

More than once when entering a secure location where everyone was suppose to present photo ID to enter, I got in by waving my credit card.

Going back to the first location mentioned, it was common for drunk Marines to park in front of the back gate, and walk through the woods to get onto base.  While we had gate guards, we had no perimeter security.


Our government can not and will not effectively protect us or our servicemen and women.  Your protection lays in your own hands.

All of as at offer our condolences to the families and friends of the deceased and wounded from the Naval Yard shooting.


  1. Is it really the government’s fault if the PEOPLE who are left in charge of doing something don’t do their jobs properly?

    It’s easy to blame the government for this and that, but never forget that the government is people. It’s people like the ones that were shot today.


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