Review: Trijicon SRS reflex sight


Article Submitted by Joshua Berry. 

When I first heard of the Trijicon SRS I could not have been more excited. As someone who always looks for the next best thing, especially in red dots the SRS was boasting a lot of features. Trijicon durability, 1.75MOA dot, Huge FOV, 3yr battery life on one AA battery, and a solar cell! Yeah a solar cell.

Sadly when mine arrived my joys were quickly crushed. I plan to keep this review semi short for the simple fact that I sold my SRS02 at a loss about a month after having it.

The best things the SRS02 had going for it was the 1.75 MOA dot and the huge FOV. The bobro mount mine came with was awesome but cost me extra, BTW Bobro mounts are the best QD mounts IMO.

Sadly the numerous cons far outweighed the positives this optic brought to the table.

1. Weight, the SRS02 was around 15oz…thats nearly a pound for an optic.
2. Price, its an expensive optic. I was given a discount and even with my $150 savings the SRS02 was still $850 shipped to my house.
3. Fleas, when I say fleas I mean things that can be worked out but at the time were issues. The tint of the front glass would often…and I mean often cause reflections of your face, the emitter, the threads, basically everything in and behind the optic. This was a huge negative as it became so distracting I often focused on it and lost sight of my targets.
4. The solar cell, its a great idea but poorly executed. My mind was going on about how this will be THE OPTIC for when Murphy strikes or SHTF, but sadly I was once again let down. The issue with the solar cell in this, is that it doesn’t run the optic unless the battery is good.

What I mean by that is you have to be able to turn it on by the battery in order for the solar cell to power the optic, so while this will increase the overall life of the already lengthy 3 year run time, and kinda keep it going in case your battery dies, it left me wondering why did they even add this feature.

Without it we would have a lighter, less expensive optic and it would still do everything the same?

5. The last issue was the brightness adjustment buttons, not only are the on opposite sides of the optic, they are so stiff you cannot easily adjust the optic on the fly.

Overall this optic left me with a bad taste in my mouth and out $850. Once again its a case of the Tripower….great ideas, but poor execution.

PS: as of this writing Trijicon has launched a Gen II SRS that switched from the Blue lens coating to a Yellow coating that negates the reflection issues. But from what I am told the rest still remain.


  1. I heard that investing the the kill-flash will fix this issue. It wouldn’t hurt Trijicon to re-treat from certain concepts that are not working or seem redundant.

    Would it hurt to continue to develop the Tri-Power? AA battery, Etched Chevron reticule, and tritium? They should continue to develop each product to the pinnacle of it’s design. A company with a reputation like Trijicon only loses face when they do not product improve items.

    • Supposedly the new yellow lens coating negates the reflections and save you a $100 or so on that killflash, sadly the other cons still exist.

  2. I’m a fan of the SRS. I believe what others have experienced with the internal reflection but honestly have never experienced it myself. It was bought recently so maybe I got one of the newer batches where the addressed it. I’ve really enjoyed shooting with it, its FOV can’t be beat and fits well on my AR. Anyone who can their hands on one that works well is in luck. My thoughts on the SRS here

  3. I’ve owned 3 Trijicon sights over the years and I’ve found Trijicon to be the best brand. I considered the SRS model and ended up buying the Trijicon 1×38 Sealed Reflex Sight, Quick Release Mount SRS02. It got a good review here – Trijicon SRS Review.
    I’ll let you know how it compares to this model!


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