Duluth Trading Co Work Pants Review



My wife works the front desk at a local hotel and from time to time she will come home and tell me about how she spoke to a rep from one firearm/gear company or another. When I ask how she struck up a conversation with them she’ll say she knew to ask because they were “dressed all tactical.”

When asked what “dressed all tactical” looks like she’ll say: a polo shirt (bonus points if it’s black) with an undershirt and maybe pens on the sleeve or some such, khaki cargo pants (5.11 or similar), a belt with she describes as a funny looking buckle (riggers belt), black or tan military style boots, and a folding knife clipped somewhere.

Which leads me to the question, if your non uniform is as uniform as something with stripes on the legs, accent color epaulets and a funny hat, what good is it?

To that end I try to find clothing that, while useful for firearms related activities, doesn’t give off an overt gun vibe.

This led me to order a pair of the Duluth Trading Company’s Everyday Work Pants. When I was looking for a new pair of range pants the Everyday Work Pant drew my attention for two main reasons, the pants feature an extra panel sewn into the crotch for better freedom of movement and low profile cargo pockets on the legs. They are also available in a variety of non-descript earth tone colors.


Duluth lists the pants’ features as:

Freedom of Movement Crouch Gusset

7 pockets

Utility straps

Triple stitched reinforcement

12” deep side pockets

Belt loops that accommodate up to 2” belts

8 oz cotton twill fabric


(Triple reinforced stitching)

I ordered a pair in their military brown color as I felt it would blend in with the greatest range of environments. Upon receiving the pair I found them to be well made with no defects or sloppy stitching. I was also impressed with how soft the fabric felt. 100% cotton clothing does have its issues and I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “cotton kills” when it comes to outdoor activities and cotton’s moisture retention properties. I feel cotton is still a viable choice if environment is taken into account and planned around. Dress to the weather.


(Sexy and I know it)

I found the sizing to be just on the generous side. If you order your normal size the Everyday Work Pants should fit with just a bit of extra room. I’m able to carry an inside the waistband holster with these pants while still wearing my normal size.

 Comp-Tac MTAC

When it comes to finding pants that fit I often have a difficult time due to my build. I have large legs in comparison to the rest of me and I often have to buy a waist size larger than I actually need to accommodate my thighs. The Everyday Work Pants are cut in a way that makes it a non issue and the Freedom of Movement Crouch Gusset allows excellent range of motion without binding or constricting the sensitive bits.


As to the other listed features of the pants I found the large belt loops accommodate most popular rigger’s belts without issue, the low profile cargo side pockets are excellently sized for holding things like smart phones or 30 rd AR mags, and the utility straps are useful for clipping things to. I use a set of keys on a carabiner and often clip it to the utility strap if I need to have quick access to them. I’ve also clipped a carabiner to the strap on range days and use it to retain my ear pro during down time.




I’ve now got over a year and a half of weekly wear on the original pair of pants I purchased. They have faded some due to weekly washings however in all other respects they have held up well in the face of serious wear and tear from range days to farm and landscaping work. The fading has actually made them better from a concealment stand point as they’ve now taken on a neutral earth gray brown tone.


(Original pair on top with a new pair on the bottom, fading is evident but not unreasonable.)


(Color comparison of the military brown and vintage olive color offerings)

I am pleased with the Everyday Work Pants performance and would recommend them to anyone looking for shooting pants that don’t stand out.


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