Updated: Molon Labe SCAR17 mags.


Molon Labe Ind SCAR Magazine

Working at a range, I get to see all sorts of cool new gear and I get to see a good bit of stuff that just doesn’t work right.

Unfortunately the new Molon Labe SCAR mags seem to fit into the second category.  One of the shooters at the range today was dismayed to find that all five of the new Molon Labe SCAR-H mags that he tried would not function reliably in his rifle.  At $70 dollars a mag, that was a disappointing discovery to made.  The mags looked very crude, and blunt feed lips were not feeding the rounds into the rifle.

For now, I recommend staying away from them.

Update 2013 July 28

I ran into the owner of the Molon Labe SCAR-H mags today at the range.  He had contacted the company and they told him that they had a batch of bad springs.  They replaced his mags and his new ones appear to work correctly and reliably.  It is good to see a company take care of their customers.


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