Helpful Hint for Nalgene Bottles and Water Purification Tablets


This is not a new idea, and it certainly was not my original idea.  But, it is a pretty nifty tip anyway in my opinion.  I have no idea where it started from, but I know where I saw it.  During the Vietnam war, SOG  Recon Team , Green Berets would tape water purification tablets to their canteen lids.  Of course the canteen covers had pouches for the tablets, but on long missions behind enemy lines, you may use them all up if that was all you had.  SO carrying more is always a good idea.   Plus they are right where you can get to them easy and in your face so you can not forget to add them.

I don’t use the USGI plastic canteen anymore, I like a camel back or, as you can see, the Nalgene bottle.


I use the OD green military duck tape to tape the purification tablets to the lid.  The bottle will still fit in the pouches made for it with the bottle taped on.  If you are camping and run out of water you trust, you have them ready. They are not in a pocket getting crushed, they are not lost in the bottom of a pack.  If you wear the bottle on a pouch on a belt, its always with you.  If you got lost or separated from your pack or gear and still have the bottle on you, you got a safe way to make water drinkable.  You can also  use heavy duty rubber bands to strap a signal panel to the bottle.    You can surely think up plenty of scenarios where you got lost, even if just for a day hunting, and only had the bottle with you because you thought you would not need more water then what it holds.  Use your imagination.

I think it is a good idea and is worth sharing. It is not the only way, but it is a way proven by SF soldiers being hunted and out numbered sometimes 100 to 1, so if it worked for them, it may come in handy to some of us one day.


  1. There is a replacement cap available for Nalgene bottles that has a pill compartment built in. Not as cheap as duct tape but another idea for you.


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