5.56 Timeline

Harris vs. Atlas bipod comparison.

PATHFilmsNZ posted a nice youtube video comparing the Atlas and Harris bipods.

Personally, I had an earlier model Atlas and got rid of it.  I was disappointed to find that after paying nearly three times the cost of the Harris, I had several issues.

First, the feet on the Atlas tended to roll when I pressed forward on the rifle.

Second, while the Atlas can be adjusted with the knob on the bottom, I could never get it completely locked.  No matter how tight the bottom knob was, the joint always sort of flopped around.

Lastly, I bought the Atlas so I could use the legs at a 45 degree setting, however with the rifle I was using it on, the legs would collapse under the weight of the rifle.  Later I was told it was a known issue, and if I wanted to, I could spend more money to have it fixed by upgrading it to the latest version.  I had spent a good bit just to get the Atlas with ADM mount, spending more was not an option for me at that time.

I ended up going back to the Harris.

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