Last thoughts on the SWFA 1-6SS


SWFA Super Sniper 1-6XSS

First I must say a big “Thank you” to the guy who offered to lend Shawn and I his preordered Super Sniper 1-6X.  He only mildly complained when I scratched it up for him.  He sent me the above photo which is his scope on his rifle.

Shawn wrote a harsh review of this optic, and I think it is because he(like me) loves the idea of an Aimpoint like optic that you could dial up into a sniper scope.  The problem is that that capability just doesn’t exist.  While a 1X scope can be fast and useful, it is not going to be a non-magnified reflex sight.  Unfortunately currently the 1-X power scopes cost a premium.

For many, the cost combined with the downsides of a 1-X power scope make them less then ideal.  Often a person would be better off with a dedicated reflex sight, or magnified optic.  If you are considering a 1-X power scope, research if its downsides are acceptable in how you intend to use it.

I would recommend the SWFA 1-6SS, and I think it may be the best 1-6 in the $1000 dollar range.  However I think most would be better off with something other then a 1-X power scope.


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