Volund Gearworks, ATLAS Belt



A while ago I ordered yet another Kydex holster from Dark Star Gear.  When I opened the box I noticed a post card to another company.  It was Volund Gearworks.  I went to the website and immediately saw the very nice belt they make.  After buying one it came in the mail and I was happy from the start.  This belt is not like the typical riggers belt or the common type.  This thing is comfortable and tough.  It is stiff and can hold up a heavy duty or CCW sidearm easy without wanting to roll over or bunch up like a liberals panties.  You can wear it a long time and it feels great.


This is the kind of belt you can wear for duty or CCW or with all the other gear needed for military use.  And it just plain looks good. I have been using it not so much as a pants belt, but as a training/range belt that I wear over my pants belt, so I can just put it on with gun and mag pouches already attached.    The thickness and padding of the belt really makes it easy to wear for long periods of time.

They can make it how you want and do a large amount of customization to it as well as long with other products.  You can check them out at their website. http://www.volundgearworks.com/

It’s hard for me to really talk about this belt and do it the justice it deserves.  Duncan will be doing a larger, longer review later after he finishes his long term T&E of the belt since he wears it on duty every day.  After we got our first belts, he ordered at least 4 more if memory serves. And the owner of Dark Star Gear is a used as well.


The DSG soft loops seem to be a perfect match fore the ATLAS belt and I love to use them together.  The buckle of the Volund belt is something I have really grown to prefer over other buckles since I started to use it.   It is easy to slip into the slot you need, and the leftover slack of the belt tucks away nice and clean and tight. It stays out of the way and there is no fighting with it or worrying about it coming loose from velcro and flapping around.  The belt holds everything nice and secure.

Like I said, it is hard for me to really write about this belt. It is a belt after all and it works  great and does exactly what you need.  Saying much more then that will sound like fluff to me.  If it interests you, read about it on their website and call them. They can accommodate you if you want to make some changes.    I do recommend ordering it one size up from what your normal size is.  The owner told us he makes them a bit bigger and to order our normal size, but honestly, when we got it, it was too tight. If it was used to just hold up our pants, it would have been perfect indeed, But we intended to use it with a inside the belt holster and mag pouches. We had to send it back and get a bigger size.   That was just confusion–not a black mark on CS, so if you think you will use the belt for inside the waste band carry, be sure to say so, because it’s not already sized to account for that.  And yes, you can get it in more colors and color combos then FDE. Its all on their website.

A longer review will be posted up by Duncan soon and it will give a better over view of living and using the belt day in and out for work and off duty.  As it stands right now, I love the belt. Is it my all time favorite or will I replace all my other belts with it? No, but its a great belt and if i need another belt of this  type I will probably get another.   Duncan has different belt requirements then I do, and he is in thrall with the Volund Belt, thats a  really good indication that it will suite any LE duty needs.  So, if you are looking for a new duty belt that will work as a CCW and  regular  pants belt, check back for his complete review.


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