Rob Pincus’ NRA Comments, It is time to defend the defender


I am sure that everyone has heard about the comments that Rob Pincus made at the yearly NRA get together. The media is looking for some kind of proof that we are all exactly what they say we are.  Everyone knows the media uses comments to suit their purposes.

The media and the left are trying to turn Mr. Pincus into a monster.  Unlike Mr. Pincus, they have not spent  the majority of their time teaching people how to be safe and responsible.  Through his work, Mr. Pincus has had a hand in saving lives.  I wonder what the media and these anti-gun people have ever done to ensure that their own children would be protected if the police did not magically appear between them and the threat as soon as they dialed 911…

I find it hard to believe that anyone who can use common sense and logic could see what Rob said as somehow outrageous.  I remember when some leftist film makers made a movie about killing President Bush. I remember not very long ago, people wanting some of the Supreme court dragged out on the street and shot.  One guy I just saw made a public statement that he wanted Palin to die of cancer.  But, making a plan to make sure you can get to your childs room, then have a way to defend that child is worth some twit in the UK getting his knickers in a twist to such a point, that they have to comment on something happening in a country they do not live in.

There is nothing crazy or extra dangerous with staging firearms all through the house. In your own home, there are few of us who wear a sidearm on our person.  I will be honest and admit I do not have my 1911 on a belt in my PJs at 1:00 A.M. in the morning.  It is possible that some one may try to break in while I am taking a piss.  I am going to go out on a limb and say that if that happened, I sure would wish I had a gun stashed in the bathroom.  Mr.Pincus makes it clear that any parent will run to their kids at the first sign of danger.  I do not have kids, but I can see the logic.

Even I was a child at one time.  During that dark bleak time, I was taught about guns.  I was shooting when I was 9 years old.  This young age was not a big deal at the time, but today most parents would not allow kids to take a shower without a helmet and knee pads.  After firearms were explained to me, my curiosity ended.  I would have never dreamed of touching one without my Dad of Grandfather around helping me.  I knew that guns were dangerous.  Just like I would have never snuck and tried to drive a car, I knew I would never have grabbed a gun without an adult around.  Both would be the death of me if I tried.  I knew they were not toys.   Some seem to think kids are not as smart as we were when young, but that is absurd.   The fact is, humans have made it for a long time without knee pads and helmets.  As long as we are taught early in our lives that fire burns, cars can kill us and guns are not to be played with…

Of course a lot of these people who are outraged will let their kids in a pool out back with out anyone around, or ride an ATV into the country for hours at a time.  I even see some people who allow their teenagers to drink booze.  Is a child more likely to be hurt by a gun locked in a safe or playing grade school football?  Ask the local man my age who was paralyzed form the neck down when playing football as a child.  I am sure some anti gun left wing type will tell me,” at least he is still alive”.

The world is a very dangerous place. That is a fact. We are not all in danger all of the time and our fellow humans who call us paranoid point out how unlikely it is to need a gun or state some other BS about how we are more likely to hurt ourselves.  Well, we have car insurance. I have never been in a car accident.  I have a spare tire. I know people who have driven their entire lives without a flat.  The list could go on and on, but what I say will not make a difference to these people.   The truth is, they do not really care about protecting anyone.  They just use that as cover to have the moral high ground for their agenda.   I do not give them the credit for being people who mean well and are just ignorant, simply because they don’t give Mr. Pincus the same credit.  They may not choose to do what he says, but they would see how it does make sense.   Their reaction to this is political.  And they do what they always do, try to gin up an emotional reaction against it so they can claim a moral high ground and claim it as common sense.  But never do they actually use common sense.  Being all about saving kids, while at the same time being rabidly behind the idea of abortion is inconsistent.   …”if we save just one life”!!   …unless its not born yet?   It is really just more proof that it’s only about their agenda, not saving anyone.

I also wonder if this offends them over their own lack of parenting skills.  It is true that if you can’t teach and have your own child understand, then guns are dangerous around children.  But in that case, you probably have other problems…   Most trainers on the level of Mr. Pincus have children who are around firearms.  None of them have hurt themselves or others.  It’s not because these people have some secret to keeping their kids safe that others do not.  You simply can’t teach a child about something you are completely ignorant of yourself.

We need to get behind and support Rob right now.   He has done a lot to keep the good guys safe.  And, if you do not know much about him, he is a tireless defender of the RKBA.  He is often one of the first to speak up when things happen and has been leading the way on getting teachers who want to learn to use a gun, trained and offering free classes to help school workers protect kids with arms or unarmed.    He is the one person in the world that would never be casual about protecting children and anyone who really knew anything about him would never think he had anything but the best in mind.  Since CT, who else has done as much as Mr. Pincus in trying to make the changes to keep kids safe in the future by actually going out and offering free help?   …certainly not the media or the left.

If you see the typical media smear article online, take the time out to comment or at least learn about Rob so you will see the obvious truth and get behind a tireless RKBA fighter and a man who does everything he can, day-in and day-out to make sure people are trained and ready to defend themselves and those who can not defend themselves.

If you do decide to get into this fight (and I ask you to please do)  you can find the usual suspects here in the links below.  I hate to give them traffic, but this is a fight for our rights and your right to protect your child as you see fit without some left-wing kook or someone from another country trying to butt in. It is also a fight to stand up and defend a man who has done more to keep you safe then you may ever know.


  1. On behalf of myself and other gun owners, thank you for supporting Rob Pincus. He is a patriot, an amazing, knowledgeable instructor. He is in for abuse from the takers and his reputation and character will be under great pressure. He has stood up and is now a target and it will get worse before it gets better.

  2. Very true which is so VERY sad! I mean hello………….common sense! If the home owner can…….make the kids room a fortress……….reinforced door and the whole bit. When I had a kid I would have headed straight to her in a crisis…I’d want the safest room possible. A panic room isn’t always an option just for cost, but a reinforced door – absolutely. I salute this man and will keep his safety and well being in my prayers!


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