Tango Down FDE Aimpoint T1 Cover



I recently received one of the new Tango Down T-1 covers in FDE from Howard after he invested in the kickstarter project some months ago and had a few sent to us.

I requested one in FDE and since the black ones were made first, I had to wait a bit longer.  After getting it I was very happy with the product.  I head the black ones are stiffer plastic but the FDE is a little softer,  I like this better since I think this allows it to soak up more of a hit then a harder plastic. And, I have seen hard plastic crack or shatter.  I doubt that would happen, but it is one of those peculiar things that sticks in my mind.

I had no trouble slipping it on over the T-1 and there is no need to take the optic off of any mount.  I did have to remove the Knights Armament over sized battery cover/brightness dial. But that is not a problem at all.



Flipping the covers back is not problem. They do not move out of the way on any kind of spring but they have the ability made into them to snap together one inside the other. It is a nice positive connection to. No need to worry about if its really together or not. I found that that it can be done with only one hand. It is not the fastest process, but its not horrible either. With a little practice  after about three tries, I was able to remove the lens covers and get the secured together in about 5 seconds plus or minus a second or so.  They do not however flip up or off to the side like Butler Creek  cover do. So, do not go thinking you can leave them covered then just flick them open and out of the way with your thumbs and start shooting with a clear view in half a second.   Leave them back and folded tight until you really need them closed.   This is the only downside to the cover. It is not really a bad thing, but some will grip because they feel anytime they spend any of their money, the world should make sure everything is perfect for them.  I live in the real world so I am very happy with the cover.  You can see how when it is snapped together out of the way, it does not effect your field of view outside the optic to any meaningful degree. It doe snot block anything so no worries there.


The picture above shows how they snap together and out of the way. Since Tango Down got involved in the project and sells them, they of course added their logo to it.  TD is an excellent company that makes so good stuff. I have been using their battle grip for years and have faith in everything the make being as tough as you would ever need it to be.


As the pictures show. Everything is as covered as it can be and allow you full use of brightness settings and windage and elevation adjustments. I do not know how much one could really ask for.  Of course it is going to be asked by those who over worry about such things, the color of the FDE does match up close with all the other popular products in that colour. My camera flash may or may not show it well, but it does seem to be very close to the same shade Magpul and TD down use as well as the Lancer AW mags.  Its an absurd thing to have to talk about, but a surprising amount of people ask adn worry over it.

It is maybe not the ultimate answer to protecting and covering the T-1, but it is a great one and the only one we got for now. I am not sure it can get much better anyway. So if you want some protection for your T-1 buy with confidence and don’t set around waiting for something better. This is a great little cover that does its job perfectly.  Maybe one day the cover will be upgraded to have a small spring loaded flip cover caps , but until then I will be more then happy with this one. And even then I probably would not feel any real need to swap out to a newer one.


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