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I have been buying and using custom kydex holster made by dark Star Gear for a while now. I found the company after a long search for what I needed. I had some very specif things I wanted and needed but could not find a company that offered them, would be willing to make what I needed or had a price and wait time that was out of this world.    Having to wait 6 months to a year for something often makes me want to just give up.  I am was not willing to suffer with poor equipment or quality so I kept looking. Then one day, and I do not remember exactly how, I found Dark Star Gear.   After a easy process of telling them what I wanted I set back and waited.  The holster came in the mail for a full size 1911 with a surefire x300 with cant in FDE arrived in the mail and I have been in love since, buying more and more for other uses.

I recently decided I wanted another holster for a  1911 with no light and after a short conversation, it was on its way.  I wanted no cant and FDE again.  The newest holster comes with the upgrade belt loops the company switched to last year. They are soft but tough as nails. I can see no way to hurt them in a realistic way.  The holster are already made to have a low profile and hug your body. But, with the new loops that are not hard plastic, the holster hugs the body closer and tighter. It also helps you on the draw. The holster with  the newer looks will not pull up and move around on the belt.   They can be made to work as inside or outside as well.  I do not think they advertise them as such, But I found a way to use them to allow the holster to be used inside the belt.  Of course you do not have to use them for a inside conversion because hardware to convert OWB holster to inside is already pretty common.


The loops an be positioned where you want in the holes made for them on the holster using the screws and simple tools and the extra holes allow you to be creative and attach knives or any other thing you can think up.

Craftsmanship is not something a lot of people generally think of with kydex, but  DSG  products fall into this.   The things are beautifully made. No edges are sharp to cut or abrasive. Everything is smooth and comfortable.  The FDE finish is nice and dull with a slight texture to it that will not allow any shine.   The holster and other products are super tough. I have been so hard on my first two holster.  I mean, really abusive. Other then some scuff, nothing has changed. everything is still snug and tight.  One of the first two stays on my  1 st line so called war belt that gets beat up and the other is a CCW holster that has to take my clumsiness and does double duty on riggers belts for training , hiking, hunting and everything in between.  Even left out in the sun for hours during some in over 100 degrees does not warp them.  I can tell no break down from UV either though I have not purposely tested this for any period of time.


In the pictures you can see how nice and form fitting the holsters are made to perfectly fit your fire arm upon ordering.  A nice surprise with the newest holster is that it was made to fit a railed 1911 without a light but, it will fit a 1911 with no rail perfect as well.  I did not ask for this, but it is great to be able to use it with a plain Gov model with or without a rail.  This is not something you can get out of typical leather holster or some other brands.  It still fits just as snug and tight for both types as if it was made for each one.


The holster has a small foot print. I have already worn it CCW all over the place all this week with some tighter fitting shirts.  I could not find or detect in printing and no one could see it when asked.  They are made to not be any longer then they have to. I appreciate this because I hate trying to get into a pocket when a holster in jutting down over it.  When they are too long, you will have to move it or expose it to get into a pocket in public. Obviously this is not a pleasant thing to have to deal with.

You will probably notice the Dark Star Banner up on the home page now. the reason it is up is because we like the product and feel that strongly about it.  Nothing goes up on that side of the page that we do not 100 percent have trust in the quality, just like with Colt firearms products above it.  Both would not be there if we didn’t believe you could trust your life to  it. Even so I pay for everything I get from DSG.

The people at DSG make more then holsters and I hope you go on over and take a look.  The company is willing to make al sorts of custom stuff for you and if its unique and a great idea, you get it made for you for free.

You can follow them on facebook and see all the new stuff they are developing and get updates on what is in stock and delivery times.


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