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Why I hate LMT

I will not and can not advocate Lewis Machine & Tool parts and products.  Why?  Because I hate them.

Now why would I hate LMT?

Bought a LMT lower, had the finish flake off, had to pay to have it refinished.

Bought a LMT upper, had a 10 MOA point of impact shift when running it suppressed.  (Same suppressor provides no POI shift on other uppers I use, and I continue to use that can)

Had a LMT rear sight where the elevation wheel would bind up and require tools to turn past 4.

Had a (different) LMT rear sight where the windage knob spun freely.

Had a (yet another, man I’m a sucker) LMT rear sight where the aperture had a chuck of metal missing from it.  Mind you, that is cosmettic, but had I been the person assembling rear sights I would not have used that part.

Had multiple issues with a LMT MWS, including the chrome lined bore and chamber rusting, loose trigger pins.

Have a LMT bolt that causes poor reliability in any upper it is inserted in.

With the exception of the SOPMOD stock, almost every item I have purchased from LMT has had minor to major issues and I am not the only one.  Shawn has had similar issues with flaking finishes, poor reliability, etc.  I have kept a list of issues other people have had LMT.  Now all companies put out the occasional lemon, but LMT seems to be in the business of making lemonade.

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