SHOT SHOW 2013 Daniel Defense, Night Vision Devices


Loose Rounds is till crawling all over SHOT SHOW like a buzzard on a gut wagon to get the most info on all the new toys.   More High Resolution pictures are added to the Facebook page every day. Stop buy and look at the large gallery and enjoy. Once we get done, we will get some video up and comment more in dept on the new stuff out this year.


Some very interesting new stuff from Daniel Defense this year.  The news of the 300 Black out of course and their new hand guard has been generating a lot of talk.


A lot of exciting stuff in the NV gear area this year too.  Movies and book about DEVGRU and the killing of UBL has brought a lot of attention to some of the  state of the art in night fighting.




The tech to let modern fighter operate in the night with impunity boogles the mind.

All these pictures and much, much more can be found on the facebook page for now. You can scroll through over 400 high quality pictures of SHOT.  We will be commenting on whats out after this week.



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