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Over the last year on several firearms sites people have longed for Glock to come out with a single stack 9mm pistol or some kind of Glock carbine. This is something most thought was coming. Glock then surprises everyone with a hybrid .45 ACP compact pistol, the Glock G30S. Being the Glock guy at Loose Rounds I was very excited with this new firearm.

Photo by Cat Kim
Photo by Cat Kim

Photo by Cat Kim.
Photo by Cat Kim.

Glock G30S

The G30S is part Glock G30SF and part G36. Over the Years the Glock G30/G30SF have been a trusted and very reliable firearm for Glock, while the Glock G36 has had its ups and downs with reliability issues and ammo capacity. The G30S has a Glock G30 Sort Frame (SF) and a Glock G36 slime slide. This allows the G30S to be slimmer than the Glock G30 but still have a full ten (10) round magazine instead of the six (6) round single stack of the Glock G36. The G30S also uses the SF frame instead of the standard Glock G30 full frame. This will allow users with a smaller hand to use the pistol. Having shot the full size Glock 21 SF, I can say the SF models make a huge difference in grip size.

The Glock G30 and G30SF have been very popular firearms for Glock. The G30S seems to be the best of them all and in my opinion will probably be the new front runner for Glock in the .45 ACP caliber line. With the explosion of conceal carry popularity in recent years and officers wanting their backup/off duty Glock to mach there Glock 21, the G30S is a logical answer. For those that want to stick with .45 ACP this might be your answer for everyday carry. The next step for the G30S will probably be a Gen4 frame model.

Here is a link to technical specs and video of Cat shooting the G30S:

Glock 20 Gen4

Several months ago I had the opportunity to run different .45 ACP loads through a Glock 21 Gen4. What I found was the new double recoil spring design significantly reduced the recoil. Link

At Shot Show Glock also released its new Gen4 Glock G20.

Photo by Cat Kim
Photo by Cat Kim

The 10mm round of the Glock 20 is a beast. One of the reasons the .40 caliber round was invented was to tame the recoil of the 10mm round. With the release of the Glock 20 Gen4, Glock has put the double recoil spring design of the Gen4 frame to work on the 10mm round. After talking to Cat about how the G20 Gen4 shot, it seems the recoil impulse has been reduced. The Glock 20 Gen4 frame is the same frame as the Glock 21 Gen4. This frame allows you to adjust the back straps for your size of hand. In the Gen4’s I prefer the slim no backstrap. For the average size hand this will fit great for you. The Glock 20/21 Gen2/3 frames have always been a little large for me. For those of you who want the hard hitting 10mm round and can afford it, the Glock 20 Gen4 looks like your hard hitting handgun. I think I will be getting one in the future as well.



  1. E. Abbey, This simple answer to your questions is yes. Any SF model that has a corresponding Gen4 model will have the same grip size without backstraps as the SF model.


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