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I am no fan of DPMS, for many reasons.  Recently I was helping a a gentleman replace the upper on his AR15.  After using a DPMS stripped upper to replace a DPMS upper on a rifle, we found that his charging handle would not fit into the new upper.  DPMS (and CMMG when they used DPMS parts) are the only company I have ever known to have this issue.  In this world of universally modular AR15s, DPMS can’t even keep their own parts working with each other.  This is one of the many reasons I dislike and DO NOT recommend DPMS.

Steel cased ammo

Almost every day at the range, we have someone tell someone else about how the lacquer on the steel cased ammo will melt off and cause a round to be stuck in your chamber.  We also see guns jam up with less then 10 rounds fired of steel cased ammo in this session.  But lacquer isn’t to blame.  Around the world, military run machine guns with steel cased lacquer coated ammunition and they do not have this issue.  So wjhat is going on?

First, steel doesn’t expand like brass will.  So carbon and blow back into the chamber, when then can harden and cement a case in place.  It is this carbon causing stuck cases, not any melting lacquer.  Due to Americans complaining, Wolf switch from the far better lacquer to a lousy polymer coating, which rust more easily, and didn’t stop the issue.

Second, barrel chambers matter.  I have seen quality rifles with 5.56 NATO chambers run thousands of rounds of steel cased Wolf or Tula with out issues.  I have even seen and personally run hundred of rounds of steel cased through Wylde chambered match barreled with out issue.  So why the issue?  Some rifles are not coming with proper chambers.  I see more stuck cases in DPMS rifle then any other(Another reason I don’t like DPMS).  Many of these cheaper rifle cut corners, and chambers are not an exception.  I don’t know if these companies are not using 5.56 reamers, or if they are using the reamers too long, and cutting undersized chambers with worn out reamers.  Regardless there is a huge different in performance with this steel cased ammo with quality rifles, and cheaper ones.

Now remember that cheap steel cased ammo is going to perform poorly, but reliability issues can be negated by using quality barrels and cleaning chambers properly.

Aftermarket parts

Glock sight fell off

Saw a couple of interesting issues with aftermarket parts in Glocks today.  As pictured above, one shooter bought a pistol with an aftermarket front sight post.  Unfortunately the front sight wasn’t secured correctly, and fell off while he was shooting.  Good thing this happened to him on the range, and not in a fight.  Fortunately in this case, no parts were lost, and the sight can be re-installed.

Another shooter installed an aftermarket trigger disconnector in a couple of his Glocks.  In one, it functioned great, but it caused the other to double.  The pistol would fire multiple shots per trigger pull, and would fire as you release the trigger.  Once again, it is good that this happened on the range, instead of anywhere else.

Don’t be afraid to use aftermarket equipment, just be sure to test it out and make sure it works before you rely it on.




Broken CMMG .22 kit


We also saw a CMMG .22 conversion kit break.  Hopefully they will take care of the owner of this kit.

Keep in mind that all things can break, it is good to have a backup or alternate available as well.


Merry Christmas.



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