When you are dry firing your bolt action precision rifle at home ( you should be )  have you ever noticed  the bolt handle move and the crosshairs tremble in the scope?

This is a common thing on factory to semi custom bolt guns.  The bolt moving can effect accuracy and follow through. Anyone who knows what it takes to get a bolt action rifle to do its best and for you to milk the most out of it, knows this can affect group size.  Granted, its not  huge problem, but if your skill level is high enough,it can make a difference.

There is a very easy cure for this you can do your self at home. The downside is, it only works on Model 70  type actions. One of the many reason I prefer the Model 70 is that it is a very simple machine capable of being worked on but some one as ham fisted  as I am.

First, take the bolt out of the rifle. To get it ready for field stripping, cock the gun, ( make sure its empty) put the safety in the middle position, remove the bolt from the gun, then depress the take down pin and unscrew the assembly. Easy as that.

See the threads behind the spring above?  That is the area we are going to give out attention to fix the wobble in the bolt and sights.  Once you got the Bolt field stripped, degrease and clean the part. The next thing you will need is a dollar roll  plumbers thread tape.   You are going to wrap the plumbers tape around those threads.  When you put it on, keep pulling it tight. You want to get as good amount on so keep it tight to make sure it gets into the threads really well.

The best part of the tape it, it does not get stuck forever like lock tight and you can take the parts apart just like normal. But, it will still hold nice and snug. You can change the tape out and reply it everytime you clean, or once a year. It depends on how much you use the gun or if the oil/cleaner you use degrades it. I have never had a problem but you should change it every once in a while.

Once it is on, put it all back together after some light oiling.  You can take some off or add more any time. If it is too tight, take some off. If you still notice wobble when dry firing, add some more. I am sure you can figure that out without me.

This will help accuracy. Of course the gun has to have some quality to begin with because this is not a cure all. It ain’t going to help a bad crowning job or something of that sort. But on a good gun, with good ammo , glass and shooter, it will shrink groups noticeable if you can do your part in the matter. It is worth doing and I highly recommend you  do so.  I have some some dramatic results twice from this procedure. It worked better then it had a right to. But that is the nature of the accurate bolt action rifle. All the little things add up.   Once you got it back up, test to see if your crosshairs wobble and if the bolt handle moves n the stock channel for it. IF it does not, you got it just right. Next time I will talk about how to lap your lugs fast easy and at home with no special tools.  And possible future articles will tell how to adjust the factory trigger on the Model 70 and Remington m70o.


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