Don’t Panic


With the reelection of America’s greatest gun salesman the panic buying has already begun.


Shawn and I recommend that you do not panic.  Yes, be aware that prices will go up, and availability of firearms and ammo will go down, however that is not an excuse to let dealers price gouge you.  Don’t forget that you can shop around.  Four years ago places like Cheaper Than Dirt and Spikes Tactical raised their prices drastically, but not all places did that.  If you need something, keep a cool head, shop around, find a good price.  Generally it is better to be patient then to overpay.

The panic buy wont last forever.  Demand will drop and prices will normalize.

What about a ban?  We can not say if and when a ban might be enacted.  However we do know that it is highly unlikely it will be instantly passed.  Don’t forget that the Republicans still have control of the House.

Don’t let fear and panic drive you into paying insane prices, and don’t support the companies trying to price gouge.


  1. With the Republicans controlling the house the likely hood of an AWB getting passed is unlikely. Obama may not even try to enforce one, sure he mentioned it but that is different than actually doing it. Only time will tell.

  2. The Republicans control nothing we do but lack the balls and The messiah will just issue executive orders or the ATF or EPA will concoct something .

    He watched a snuff film in Benghazi and you or anyone who expects paid lawyer politicos to do anything to stop it is Idiotic.

    They are all traitors wake up and smell the Chit.


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