Glock 21 Gen4


I had the opportunity to test drive a Glock 21 Gen4 this weekend. I wanted to do a quick review as this was the first time I had shot the Gen4 21.  This is a firearm I recommended a friend purchase. He called me for advise, stating he had a friend who wanted to sell him a new Glock 21 Gen4. We shot it this weekend and I was impressed. Both of us are very familiar with the .40 cal Glocks having carried them as law enforcement officers and we found the 45acp Glock was a delight to shoot.

I shot a variety of ammunition though it to test the recoil of different loads.  I ran Federal 230gr ball, Hornady Critical Defense 185gr FTX, and full power LE Winchester Ranger 230gr SXT (RA45T). The new dual recoil spring drastically reduced the recoil of the 45acp rounds. The 230gr ball and the Hornady Critical Defense felt almost like shooting LE Gold Dot 147gr 9mm. I could feel a noticeable difference when firing the Winchester Ranger but it was still very manageable.  I had no problem putting multiple shots in quick succession center mass.

The Gen4 grip was nice, with no back straps it felt like the Glock 21SF model. While the Glock 21 Gen4 is a very large pistol, it felt small in my hands. When firing, I forgot all about the fact I was shooting a 45acp, even with the Winchester Ranger ammo.

In fact the recoil was so soft, a great opportunity to demonstrate how manageable the Glock 21 Gen4 is presented itself. My friend had his teenage daughter with him this day. She had never shot a firearm before and after a few minutes of instruction she was ready to take on the 45acp.  We did not make it too easy for her, we placed our man sized targets at 7 yards/21 feet. After firing her first round she was quickly placing rounds center mass. She had no problem manipulating the firearm and as time went on she was more confident in quickly putting rounds on the target. She stated she liked the size and feel of the 9mm/40 Glocks more but had not problem handling the larger size of the Glock 21.


Overall Impressions:

There are many reviews of the Glock 21 Gen4 out there. I did not want to get into all of the different shooting aspects of the Glock 21 as they have been covered. As far as the handling of the Glock 21 Gen4, it performs like a Glock.  It ate everything we put into it. The Glock 21 Gen4 was a big surprise for me in the recoil department.  I just did not think the recoil would be as soft as it was. The fact that a petite teenage girl, who had never fired a firearm before, picked it up and was throwing lead down range without a problem says a lot.  If you are looking for a 45acp that is very comfortable to shoot, check the Glock 21 Gen4 out.



  1. Had a chance many years ago to shoot one of early G21’s when a
    dealer brought one to a range I worked at try. I was a 1911 shooter
    but I was VERY impressed then and a Gen2 G21 is even now one
    of my go to guns. YES it’s service pistol sized but it and its newer
    models are real pussy cats and good shooters. I lug around a
    G30 now but I will be keeping my G21 8)


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