Hornady Zombie Max.Worth it?


Shooters have been buying up the hornady Zombie max ammo recently thanks to clever marketing and a trend I will admit not understanding. Really it is supposedly just re-purposed  V-max ammo with a different color ballistic tip.  Since the ammo has an asinine price on it and the buyer will probably never shoot it, I decided to test it out  for those who are curious about it.  I used a match barrel with a 1/9 twist to fire the most rounds since  that is the most common twist rate among the type of shooter this stuff is aimed at.

I did notice the ammo did come in a case with a military crimped primer.  I have fired the horaday varmint ammo before in other calibers and had decent results. Never under 1 MOA however.   I also fired a 21 shot group using my own handloads  as a comparison and something to compare to.

You can click on the image to make enlarge it.  The ammo was 55 grain since that is what a lot of people seem to  think is the standard for top performance ( it isn’t ).

All but the lower left  are zombie max. The distance was 100 yards shot from a match AR15 with match SS barrel  24 inches with a 1/9 twist. Te optics was a Leupold 18x. The gun is extremely accurate with good ammo.  The 1/7  twist 21 shot group was fired with a 6940 with the same optic.  flyer shot was a zeroing shot. The rest is a 20 round group.

Draw your own conclusions on the Z-max.  I would not waste my time or money on it myself. The groups fired from  typical M4 carbines was not ever worth showing. This was  the best I would get it to do.

Below is what proper match loads will do in a good gun to compare.

Unless you are into the whole “zombie lifestyle” and just want the box or something..   I would not spend the money on the zombie max, unless the price was dropped to the same amount as a box of federal xm193 or PMC  etc.


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