Review: Shooter app for Android Phones


The “Shooter” app is available in the Google App store for $9.99 and is also available for the iOS.  I’ve been using this app for a good many months on my Android phone and have found it very handy.  Shooter lets you plug in the details of your firearms and make multiple ammunition profiles for various loads.  Once this data is entered you can quickly get the adjustment needed for a specified load and wind.

The downside to this is that Shooter does have a learning curve, and that you must input a good bit of information before you get any useful results.  If you need to be able to quickly get rough ballistic information for a firearm and want to quickly change the inputted data, Shooter isn’t ideal for that.  However once you have all the information imputed into this app, you can quickly find the adjustment needed for wind and distance, and you can maintain profiles for a multitude of loads with their own zeros for each individual firearm.  If what you need is the ability to quickly plug in loads data then find a hold over using a reticle, you may be better off with the Strelok app.

Shooter also has many handy optional features such as:

  • A calculator for ranging a target in mils or MOA.
  • The ability to connect to a Kestrel via Bluetooth.
  • Automatic weather input from GPS location.

And many more.


I really like the Shooter app, and have found it very handy.  More information about the Android and iOS versions of Shooter can be found here.


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