On ported Glocks


Every so often people ask about the ported Glocks.  As an owner of a Glock 19c, a ported 9mm compact, I can answer those question.

Q:  Does the porting reduce recoil?

A:  Yes, by a small amount.

Q:  Will the porting make the firearm louder?

A:  Yes, it is very noticeable firing indoors.

Q:  Does the ported 9mm Glocks shoot jets of flame from the ports?

A:  Only if you use really poor quality ammunition with no flash suppressant.  Even then, the blast from the muzzle will far surpass the blast from the porting.

Q:  Are there problems from shooting in a retention position with a ported Glock.

A:  Not if you cant the pistol slightly away from you.

Q:  Will carbon build up on the front of my front night sight?

A:  Yes, but not enough to prevent its use.(Under normal firing conditions)

Q:  Will the carbon buildup on the barrel and slide be hard to clean?

A:  No harder or longer then cleaning a standard Glock.

Q:  Is it worth getting a ported 9mm.

A:  No, however other calibers might benefit more from porting.


  1. I once had a 22C. Porting made a noticeable difference in shot recovery and perceived recoil.
    On the other hand, a day at the range with it meant having to wipe the front sight clean every so often, especially with bulk-grade practice ammo.
    Did a 2-day pistol class with it on a couple different occasions, and I remember looking down the sights at a shiny lump of carbon on a few occasions each class.
    Might have been more noticeable because of the night sight crystal making a little pocket for gunk to accumulate, but that’s just a spitball theory.

    Still, all in all, I wouldn’t mind having that gun back. Maybe someday I’ll find it again. Was the best trigger I’ve ever encountered on a Glock, and it was all factory parts, too.

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